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Safety Audit for Roads

Ingenieurplanung-Ost has qualified engineers to provide the services of safety audits for roads. A safety audit for roads is a systematic and independent stocktaking of the safety deficiencies in road construction work. The idea behind this safety audit is laying out new roads, reconstructed or expanded road facilities as safely as possible to keep accident hazards to a minimum. The ESAS Recommendations for Safety Audits for Roads have been available in Germany since October and these safety audits can only be performed by auditors who have been trained in specific training and advanced education courses. We can offer the audit phases below:

  • audit phase 1 – preliminary planning
  • audit phase 2 – preliminary draft (draft)
  • audit phase 3 – execution planning
  • audit phase 4 – before and briefly after of approval of the road traffic installation

Please have a look at our reference projects!

Some of our clients

  • road construction authority of the German federal government and states
  • German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
  • German state of Lower Saxony
  • the free Hanseatic state of Bremen

Our Services

  • document inspection
  • document auditing
  • self-control and check-lists for the Recommendations for Safety Audits for Roads
  • examining local planning, protocol of results and photo documentation
  • audit report
  • delivering the audit report with explanations with PowerPoint presentations and annexes supplemented with pictures

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