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Open Spaces Planning

Open spaces planning combines design needs with ecological and technical advancements because structuring and developing gardens, parks, our living environment and open public areas creates a more agreeable environment for human needs while boosting its recreational and utility value. These are public zones such as urban, market/church squares, parking facilities, playgrounds and the areas surrounding residential complexes with new buildings or refurbishment work.

Our range of services encompasses developing ideas in the form of sketches for master planning with highly detailed planning right down to completion including construction management. Planning sustainability is underscored by work for AGENDA 21 and our human resources and world-class hardware/software data processing equipment guarantee that plans are outlined in digital form.

Please have a look at our reference projects!

Some of our clients

  • municipalities, urban authorities
  • residential and administrative societies
  • sponsors of urban development
  • companies sponsoring building projects
  • special purpose associations (such as water and soil associations)
  • private investors

Our Services

  • outside installation planning
  • improving/laying out residential environments
  • church squares
  • pedestrian zones
  • playground planning
  • athletic facilities
  • layouts for city squares
  • planning vegetation
  • care and development plans
  • natural extension for bodies of water

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