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Overall Development

A whole series of engineering departments have to put their heads together for complex overall development projects such as trade and industrial areas, port facilities with connecting tracks, residential areas, developing tourist areas, service yards and complex developments in the city centre.

IPO is an expert business partner for overall development services since its capability profile encompasses all of the departments needed for infrastructural facilities such as road and track planning, water management, landscape planning, urban development and pollution control. Not only that, its teamwork, quality management system and engineering equipment are specifically designed for these combined projects.

We put together a customised financing package of various funding programmes and do the groundwork on applications for our clients preparing and combining funding options in a building block system for the client’s needs.

Some of our clients

  • municipal building authorities in the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
  • sponsors of urban development
  • companies sponsoring building projects
  • sponsors of building costs for rail traffic
  • port operators
  • private investors

Our Services

  • Planning services for all concentrations for performance phases 1-9 of Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure (Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers)
  • feasibility studies and comprehensive scenario analyses for overall development
  • overall traffic strategies applying parking space analyses and all needed control systems
  • processing and guiding funding & financing applications (such as GA, Gemeindeverkehrsfinanzierungsgesetz (German Local Authority Financing Law) and ERLA programmes)

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