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Road Planning

The services we feature range from planning 4-lane Federal roads, roundabouts, state/county/municipal roads right down to train stations, car parks, intersections, rotary locations and bicycle paths. We supervise our projects beginning with ascertaining the key determinants through planning permitting procedures (project approval) and formulating funding applications right down to the actual building work, construction monitoring and project co-ordination of adjacent technical planning.

Ingenieurplanung-Ost’s capability profile for road traffic installations ranges from planning motorways, roundabouts, municipal roads and traffic nodes. We also provide professional supervision of bus stations, bus service yards and bicycle traffic installations. Beyond this, we can outline a wide variety of traffic solutions for these nodes, including no-elevation node solutions, county traffic installations, traffic installations regulated by traffic lights and conventional node layouts. All of our road construction projects include work for relocating supply and disposal lines, complex road foundation work and drainage installations along with road lighting and car parks.

We can furnish road traffic installations as a service from preliminary planning all the way to construction monitoring including extensive project co-ordination and we provide professional supervision of cost calculations and cost breakdown calculations pursuant to the statutory regulations getting various sponsors of building costs involved including all funding applications and final utilisation documents. We have special expertise in arranging heavy-duty roads in industrial and plant engineering or port facilities.

Please have a look at our reference projects!

Some of our clients

  • road construction authorities of the German federal and state governments
  • DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs und -bau GmbH - the German reunification trunk road planning and building company)
  • road construction authorities of the German counties
  • sponsors of building costs for rail traffic municipal building authorities in the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
  • sponsors of urban development companies sponsoring building projects private investors

Our Services

  • planning services for road traffic installations, performance phase 1-9 of the Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure (Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers)
  • German federal motorways, Federal roads, country roads, county roads, roundabouts, nodes, bicycle paths and service roads
  • feasibility studies and scenario studies for road traffic installations
  • outlining strategies for small-municipality traffic installations, parking space strategies, intersection expansion and parking control system
  • planning services for municipal roads with processing and guiding funding & financing applications (GA, Gemeindeverkehrsfinanzierungsgesetz - German Local Authority Financing Law)
  • planning services for traffic installations in industrial and trade locations

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