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Track Planning

Our railway construction department collaborates with the engineer surveying department to provide track geometry calculations for through tracks, train stations and service yards. It does preliminary structure planning to the point of actually delivering the railway installations while specialists provide signal safety installations.

Our engineers develop preliminary traffic analyses on logistics and shunting movements with port railway installations. We develop technical analyses appropriate to the assigned task of loading/unloading freight for railway transport (such as loading ramps and conveyor/crane systems). Feasibility studies are used to find the best way to revitalise shut down railway routes and rebuild or extend installations for improved operating routines.

We feature planning and construction monitoring services both for railway and road traffic installations for installing railway intersections. Finally, we apply software approved by the railway companies (verm.esn) to develop line location drafts and track marking plans.

Some of our clients

  • sponsors of building costs for rail traffic: Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail) and Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH
  • downstream train operators
  • Energiewerke Nord GmbH EWN
  • Seehafen Stralsund GmbH SWS

Our Services

  • planning services for superstructure/substructure, track drainage, underground cabling, performance phases 1-9 of Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure (Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers) for through tracks, level crossings, train stations and service yards
  • specialists provide control and safety equipment
  • planning services for work carried out pursuant to Eisenbahnkreuzungsgesetz für Straße und Schiene (Railway Intersection Law for Road and Rail)
  • UVS and LBP work during work application (refer to other departments)
  • rail geometry calculations
  • track marking plans
  • line location plans

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