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Landscape Planning

Many planning projects call for landscaping and ecological landscaping, and this is where our services include revising municipal landscape plans, supervising professional ecological landscape contributions in modifying municipal development plans right down to the environmental report as a professional contribution to the development plan of village renewal plans, schemes under AGENDA and environmental sustainability studies right down to encroachment/ compensation balance sheets. Natural conservation legislation is implemented premised on NATURA 2000 sustainability examinations for fauna flora habitat and SPA zones while special ecological expert opinions can be used to supplement and update missing data. Developing compensation area pools and drawing up care and development plans are excellent means of administrating compensation and replacement work that is conducive to the needs of the client. We do planning in close collaboration with the client and together with transpa┬şrent public relations work.

Some of our clients

  • road construction authorities of the German federal and state governments
  • DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstra├čenplanungs und -bau GmbH - the German reunification trunk road planning and building company)
  • road construction authorities of the German counties
  • municipalities and urban authorities
  • natural conservation authorities (such as StAUN)
  • special purpose associations (such as water and soil associations)
  • railway companies (such as the German Rail or UBB)
  • private investors

Our Services

  • environmental sustainability studies
  • NATURA2000 sustainability examinations
  • feasibility studies and scenarios studies
  • compensation area pools/ecopools
  • landscape plans
  • professional ecological landscape contributions
  • environmental reports
  • encroachment/compensation balance sheets
  • village renewal plans
  • special ecological expert opinions
  • special examinations pursuant to endangered species legislation

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